The Big City Coffee and Cafe serves breakfast and lunch along with espresso and coffees. This is also famous when it comes to the in-house baked goods. Many of the foods being served here are recommended to everyone. The Pumpkin Chai Muffin, Cherry Pie Scone, Biscuits  and gravy, and all the other homemade pastries are all delicious! Though these are old-fashioned treats, everything is baked fresh daily in the in-house bakery. You can also do special orders. The Big City is simply a labor of love.

It started in a small shop in West Boise then they moved to the Linen District in 2006. All the staff of the Big City have been happily brewing coffee, baking pastries, and serving farm-inspired breakfast and lunch all day. Big City specialize in old-fashioned treats with a twist. It is what customers usually buy and one of the reasons why they have become a beloved spot in Boise. There are many comments from the folks who tried the Big City’s coffee and food they serve with a smile.

Some folks said that Big City is always busy for a reason. The food is delicious, coffee is great and service is prompt. For this reason, Big City is regarded as a Boise gem. It is also the favorite place for breakfast and a cup of coffee. The food, the atmosphere, the coffee, and the people are loved by the customers who have experienced the services and products of Big City. They even participate in the fight against breast cancer.